Case Studies

Making the impossible possible

When briefed to develop a premium tip-on for global cosmetic brand SK-11, our client had their sights set on a form in the shape of a Maltese cross. Typically such a form would require hand folding and gluing, making it both time consuming and cost prohibitive.

Our technical experts were confident they had the know how and the technology, namely our new Bobst cutter and gluer, to design a Maltese cross that could be produced mechanically in house. Again our team made the impossible possible; 150,000, 4-colour, UV varnished pieces where produced to the client’s exact specifications for the cover of Madison magazine. Not only was the campaign successful, our innovative can-do approach saved the client over $25,000.

Quality cover in record time


ACP magazines entrusted us with the cover of their most highly publicised issue, The Australian Womans Weekly Royal Wedding. And this wasn’t an ordinary print run. We needed to produce 750,000, six colour + UV gloss, foil stamped magazine covers and deliver 200,000 of them within 24 hours. Why the rush? The art files from the UK were not available until midnight on the Saturday and the first 200,000 covers were needed in both Melbourne and Sydney by the following night.

The solution was to pre-foil the stock, this meant we could hit the press by 2am using UV inks to print over the foil. The sheets were then off the press and trimmed within the hour and despatched by 6am. Our technology, ability to think creatively and professional streamlined operation enabled us to achieve the deadline and ACP an early on sale date. The issue sold out in record time and a second print run was needed to meet demand.