Better than the rest

A step ahead of the rest

To be this good we have to be innovative, armed with the latest and greatest in technology and a team of super-stars to make your vision reality, because in this game one man’s communication strategy is another man’s livelihood.

Walking the walk

Our clients love us. Why? It’s no secret, we make them look good. We know what we’re doing and we do it unbelievably well. No fuss, no mistakes, just plenty of ego.

The serious part

Ego is on the leading edge of print and digital technologies and has been for more than twenty years. A preferred partner to many of Melbourne’s largest advertising and creative agencies, we have a reputation for superior quality print, specialised finishes and delivery that is second to none. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, our product exceptional.

No one can make you look as good as we can. We’ll stake our reputation on it.

To make us all feel good we integrate environmental protocols within our systems including ISO AS/NZ 9001, ISO AS/NZ 14001, FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody CoC. This means we can track certified material from plantation to final product; an ethically sustainable approach and one that helps us and our clients sleep better at night.

The Planet

We really do take our environmental responsibility seriously and give preference to products and suppliers that do the same. We also recycle everything, from paper to office consumables.

We hang out in the right circles too:

Being in demand

'Once you’ve worked with Ego, you wouldn’t risk your print campaign with anyone else. The quality of their finishes are first rate and the speed with which these guys turn around a job is unbelievable. Great creative is only ever fully appreciated when the production is outstanding. Ego hasn’t disappointed us yet.'
Keith Couzinwood. CEO Kinc Marketing P/L

'My relationship with Ego began almost 23 years ago when, as manager of the fledgling publishing and design service at Monash University, I worked closely with them in the areas of design, prepress and print production. As the university expanded and grew into the global entity it is today, the responsibilities of my department, and the demand for its services, also grew at a rapid rate. I’m happy to say that Ego was with us every step of the way. Nothing we threw at them was too difficult or insignificant. From print production right the way through to logistical and marketing services, Ego was always there for us. I could always rely on Ego to provide the support and expertise when it came to the publishing and printing requirements of the university. Friendly, professional service, competitive pricing and attention to detail, with an ongoing grasp of the constantly evolving technologies involved, have always been paramount with Ego. I always found their sales and production teams very accessible and easy to work with, no matter how much heat was being turned on. It certainly made my job easier knowing I had this company at my back.'
Stuart Wagstaffe, Manager (ret.) Publishing and Design Services, Monash University